Business Startup

In business as in life, you can never stand still, there is constant movement, if you do not take control of this movement direction others will decide where to move your business and your life. If you look at the statistics, about 80% of new businesses fail within the first two years for not having a good business strategy.
The key for that not to happen is to focus and to know in which direction to drive your business, and thus make better strategic decisions to get to that point where you stop being a worker, but a business owner who generates profits. It’s that simple and there is no alternative if you want your business to grow.
Business Startup Coaching is the best choice for you as a business owner to take your business to the level you’ve always wanted and we are here to help you. Through the experience earned with our valued customers, that happen to be some of the most renowned businesses in Cyprus, we can help you choose the right path to make your business startup a successful one.

Business Coaching

Any business action is linked to a certain risk. In these times of crisis we must act quickly and safely. Locate and properly assess problems is one of the central tasks of business management. Practice has shown that business coaching handled with experience, can lead to resolve the most critical situations.
Business and Team Coaching is a powerful tool to solve these critical business situations, or to prevent their occurrence.