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Internet Speed Test

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How I can improve internet speed?

Having the results from one of the above mentioned internet speed tests, here I will try to explain how you can optimize the performance of your connection so you can surf faster. Bear in mind that the following considerations are generic to most users, if you want a detailed consultation just get in touch. If you think you have some kind of hardware issue with your line you can contact your service provider directly. No one better qualified to answer your technical problems.

No Wi-Fi? Better..
Wireless networks are especially convenient because they provide mobility and also there is no need for cables, however, they have an adverse affect in terms of performance of the internet connection. I would recommend changing the broadcast channel of your router to avoid interference with other nearby networks.

This technology is renowned for offering up to 35 megs without changing telephone wiring, but the speed and performance depend on many factors. The first and most important has to do with the distance from the service provider to your home. To give you an idea, a user more than 1,500 meters from the unit may lose about 50% of those hired megs. When changing company try to find out this information to choose the appropriate provider, it is useless to hire 30 megs if you will receive just 10.

Another factor to consider is the condition of the internal wiring, if you have microcuts or Phone sound quality is low, you may need a technician to check the installation. In some cases it is convenient to install a splitter that separates voice from data improving the signal attenuation.

Optimizing Windows

Microsoft Windows reserves a percentage of bandwidth that you can eliminate through configuration parameters. There are also programs like TCP Optimizer that improve the system configuration to maximize the connection internet speed. As you can see, there are no miracles but you can always optimize the performance of a connection, especially when we detect that something may be wrong. Remember that you can always contact me to discuss your concerns or potential problems.