What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching  is neither a new concept nor an intellectual cliche, coaching is an ancient and “super simple” concept, it is the simple concept that you, me and everyone knows, the concept that describes the act of a person assisting another person in his quest to develop.

If a person helps another person to improve and develop, then you can say that this person is Coaching the other person. Coach is a term that refers to a person who helps another to improve. We could say that:

  • A sports coach helps an athlete …
  • A leader helps an employee …
  • A father or mother helps a child …

Then of course there are techniques and methods, there are concepts, there are ways of listening, dialogue, strategies, specific tools that help that person in the improvement process but the main concept remains simple.

Where did this idea come from? Where does the term COACHING come from?

The root of the word Coaching is “coach”; if we seek the oldest meaning of the word COACH, it refers to a chariot and the “coachman” would be the charioteer, also by extension coals the COACH. What is a chariot? A chariot is a carriage having a driver who is the person who takes another person from one physical location to another physical location.

The same concept was taken first by the WORLD OF SPORT. The coach of a sports team is the person whose responsibility is to take people from just performing to another level of performance to achieve effectiveness and success. His responsibility is to lead a team or lead people in a given operation to superior performance. First it was taken by the sports world and there began to be called COACHING, the activity that tends to improve the performance of an athlete or team.

About 30 years ago, companies took the concept … if anyone is responsible for improving the performance of athletes in sport, why could businesses not use the same? Every business should have someone in charge of the performance of employees, workers … And then the coaching concept started to apply to companies. Of course in many cases the COACH role matches the boss or supervisor. The head works on their employees to improve their performance and that activity or process or part of their work is called coaching.

Let’s have a look at something more interesting: the COACHING term, that raised from the chariot and the charioteer (Coach and Coachman), was introduced to SPORTS and everyone started talking about COACHING in sports or Sports Coaching, after that it was taken by COMPANIES and takes about at the job level, coaching business or BUSINESS COACHING as well as  Coaching Executive. Some years ago, it becomes a concept at the SOCIAL level and happened to be mentioned as life coaching or PERSONAL COACHING, Life Coaching and Ontological Coaching. Thus, a PERSONAL COACH is the person who assists others by standard coaching techniques so they can live better.

Life Coaching sessions for your personal development.

Congratulations for daring to seek options for your own development as a human being in the powerful process of Life Coaching. Surely you’ve noticed that most of the people live day to day watching the time, accepting everyday situations that frustrate and limit, being a spectator of the triumphs of others, regretting not having someone else’s “fate”.

The fact is that you’re here investigating alternatives that will lead to greater understanding of yourself, of others, of your circumstances and how to establish a way of life that leads you to achieve your goals, happiness, success and abundance, and mark an important difference. You have begun your way to a profound transformation of your being and want to thank you for making me part of that discover full of opportunities, qualities and with infinite potential.

With Life Coaching you will get to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!

A typical coaching session consists of a TALK WITH QUALITY CONTENT focused on achieving the goal that you had previously raised. Life Coaching sessions will take y0u FAST and EFFECTIVELY to the next level as a human being.

If you are open to change, you have a great commitment to yourself, you are in search of continuous and constant improvement then Life Coaching is for you.

If you want to find out more about Life Coaching Cyprus just get in touch.