Corporate Solutions

From performance assessment to a full range of consultancy services.

Corporate Solutions

Study, design and implementation of enterprise network and software solutions. Including: accounting, CRM, ERP and other business related solutions.

SEO & Content Marketing

From Web Site Design to CMS Software Customization

SEO & Content Marketing

The goal is to provide solutions that embrace internet technology and enables you to grow your online business with long term commercial benefits based on your key business requirements.

Information Technology Training

From Microsoft Office to customised software applications.

Information Technology Training

Enhance personal productivity and master the latest technology through comprehensive coaching designed to suit your needs. Name your need and together we will find the optimum solution.
I offer support, training and consultancy on a wide range of IT related fields. Clients include individual entrepreneurs, businesses, as well as non-profit and social enterprise organisations.
I provide objective advice on IT strategy, policy, budgets, licensing, purchasing and maintenance agreements.
I can also advise on migrating traditional infrastructure to lighter, more flexible and less expensive environments such as cloud hosted and virtual machines.
Search Engine Optimisation is meant to improve your website’s search engine rankings (Where you appear in search results within Google, Yahoo, Bing and another search engines), which leads to more visitors, and more potential customers.

For SEO to be effective it must be ethical and based on following good web standards and accessibility guidelines, quality content, authority links and rich Social Media integration. Only then SEO becomes an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

If you’d like to know more about how Search Engine Optimisation works, or to get a quote for your website, just get in touch.

I am here to help if you have a new web project in mind or are considering a refresh of your current website. Beyond the domain purchase, website design and implementation, additional steps have to be taken for your project to be successful: Integrated Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Working together and designing a smart social media strategy will help you build, maintain and manage your online web presence and reputation.
Simply speaking, Digital Signage is the use of electronic displays in public areas, open spaces and office environments to deliver information to the public. From general news to targeted promotional messages in multiple formats, implementing a digital sign is the perfect solution and at a very low cost compared to traditional Radio or TV advertising. Digital Signage can be much more than just a video or slides running over and over again, there is a wide variety of options and it is definitely the way to go in marketing and advertising.

Where Do I Get It?

If you are looking to implement a digital signage solution in Cyprus or want to learn the technical and marketing options, just get in touch.

I can help you:

  • Optimise your internet presence through SEO
  • Promote and professionalize your family business
  • Improve productivity and encourage staff motivation
  • Through FREE support because we care.

Some of the companies and organizations that have engaged my services: